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Hello, dear readers, and welcome to In Your Eyes: Communicating in Close Relationships! This book was crafted for a new generation of people with an interest in communication studies, especially scholarship and concepts that speak to the role of close relationships in our lives and work. As you read through each chapter, you’ll meet new characters, ponder discussion questions, and interact with reflection activities that will get you to think deeply about various themes. This book is an entry-point into so many avenues for communication exploration and we hope you’ll see yourself reflected in the content. We encourage you to engage with this material with an open mind and heart—much awaits!

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Why this book?

In Your Eyes provides a foundational overview of the complex and dynamic discipline of interpersonal communication. In addition to covering the key concepts one would expect to see within an interpersonal communication text, the authors have done an exceptional job of being intentional about engaging students. Helpful anecdotes at the beginning of each chapter and interspersed reflection questions allow students to directly connect core concepts to their own lives, and each chapter concludes with a listing of relevant songs from pop culture that illustrate the material just discussed. The online format of the book also offers the unique opportunity to include poignant videos such as Ted Talks for students to continue exploring the topics. While the text is focused on interpersonal communication, it is mindful of the fact that today’s interpersonal communication often takes place in mediated environments and is increasingly complex. Thank you to the authors for providing such a thorough and accessible resource for students!” – Chelsea E. Moss (University of Florida)

“The writing style matches what I think my students would find engaging and enjoyable … I would definitely consider adopting this open educational resource and would recommend it to others!” – Armeda Reitzel, Ph.D. (Cal Poly Humboldt)

“The explanations for synchronous and asynchronous communication [for example] are easy to understand … In general, I love the concept of incorporating music into the book chapter titles and list of songs for the reader.” – Tabitha H. Kinneer (University of Kentucky)

“I really enjoyed how the chapter titles and mixtapes demonstrate that music truly is the ‘soundtrack of our lives’ by connecting song lyrics with the interpersonal aspects of communication in relationships. In addition to the cost-effective benefits of OER materials, this textbook will benefit undergraduate students with its clear descriptions of key relational communication theories and principles, current and realistic narratives and videos, and questions to inspire thoughtful self-reflection and class discussions. The content highlights the magnitude of communication and connection in face-to-face and mediated settings and reinforces the fact that we are all just human, after all!” – Nancy Rosen (SUNY Rockland Community College)

Why OER?

Open Educational Resources (OERs) play an important role in delivering essential content to students and instructors at no cost. Textbook costs can be especially high, and for students who need access to required course materials, paying for resources may be a barrier between them and their potential success in the course. Because this book is high quality, peer-reviewed content that students and instructors can access for free, there is one less barrier between you and learning about close relationships. We’re thrilled!

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