Praise for The Rebus Guide to Publishing Open Textbooks (So Far)

“Rebus is a godsend! I rely heavily on their amazing guides and templates; it’s a thorough and thoughtful approach to creating open textbooks that both makes the process easier, and the end product better.”

β€” Allison Brown, Digital Publishing Services Manager, SUNY Geneseo


“The Rebus guide is required reading for OER projects big and small. It helped me organize my textbook project for grant applications and anticipate potential issues on a large multi-site team. I owe the plaudits I get for organization to Rebus for creating such an accessible and practical resource!”

β€” Matt DeCarlo, Assistant Professor of Social Work, Radford University


“The Rebus guide is an invaluable resource that has helped me plan publishing projects within my organization. It includes document templates, links to additional resources, and great advice that save time and ensure a thoughtful approach. I’d recommend this guide for anyone looking to gain valuable insight on developing open texts.”

β€” Alisa Lazear, Community & Content Manager, Canadian Legal Information Institute


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