2 Basic Considerations

Before editing an open textbook, it helps to consider several questions. The answers will inform the level of effort involved in modifying an open textbook.

Questions about the textbook:

  • In what file format(s) is the open textbook currently available?
  • How much content needs to be changed: a few sentences or entire chapters?
  • Do illustrations, graphs, or charts need to be changed?

Questions about your resources and plans:

  • How comfortable are you with technology? Do you have access to software or other help you may need?
  • Is it important that your version of the textbook be available in multiple formats?
  • Do you plan to share your adapted textbook only with your students or with a wider audience?

If you’re approaching a remix project for the first time, a good rule of thumb is to approach it incrementally. While it may be tempting to make a number of major changes at once, an open textbook is a living resource that can be revisited.


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