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Users who prefer to format their work using markdown can do so by using the Parsedown Party plugin on their book.

Enabling Markdown

In order to format using markdown, you’ll first need to activate the plugin on your book. Once this is done, you’ll have the choice to enable and disable markdown at will on each chapter. Follow the steps below.

  1. Click on Plugins in the left sidebar menu of your book’s dashboard
  2. Scroll down to Parsedown Party
  3. Click Activate on the Parsedown Party plugin
    The Activate link is underneath "Parsedown party" on the Plugins page
  4. Go to any chapter you’d like to enable markdown in
  5. Find Markdown in the Status & Visibility menu to the right of the editor and click Enable Enable markdown at the bottom of the Status & Visibility menu in the chapter editor interface.

Your content editor interface should automatically convert into markdown mode.The markdown interface.

You can revert back to the default content editor interface by clicking the Disable button next to <> Markdown in the Status & Visibility menu (NOTE: Switching back and forth between markdown mode and the default content editor interface can result in loss of data in some cases.)


Disable markdown in the Status & Visibility menu.

NOTE: Save any changes you’ve made in the content editor before enabling or disabling Markdown.

Use Markdown

It’s expected that anyone who enables markdown on their book has full understanding of the markup language. As noted above, switching back and forth between the markdown interface and the default interface can result in loss of data in some cases, including metadata like image attributions. For this reason, we recommend that users remain in only one interface while editing an individual chapter in Pressbooks.

Note that you cannot use the image caption shortcode in markdown mode. Most Pressbooks shortcodes are accepted, however, including [la​tex].

NOTE: This feature is only available to users on Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Titanium PressbooksEDU networks. Contact us at sales@pressbooks.com if you’re interested in a PressbooksEDU system for your institution or company.


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