97 Open Educational Resource Repositories and Guides

Open educational resources (OER) are dependent on the idea of community and knowledge-sharing. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of resources to help you find what you need in order to make OER or use OER. Read on for:


Pressbooks Guides and Documentation

  • Pressbooks User Guide: The always-growing guide to using Pressbooks. Most general questions about getting started, using specific features, and customizing your text will be answered here.
  • Pressbooks Network Manager’s Guide: The guide to running and administering a PressbooksEDU network. This guide should answer general questions you have about how to manage your network.
  • Pressbooks YouTube Channel: For those who prefer to watch and learn, check out the Pressbooks YouTube channel for video tutorials on a wide range of features in Pressbooks.

OER Resources

Resources for resources? We’ve got you covered. Many people have created guides for how to publish open educational resources, or OER, using Pressbooks as a platform. We recommend the following to any educator looking to learn more about how to build and publish open textbooks.


Studies, Toolkits, and More

OER Repositories and Directories


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