18 Settings

The Settings menu in the left sidebar allows you to make changes to global privacy and sharing settings, as well as many background features and functionality of Pressbooks.


As a website owner, you may need to follow national or international privacy laws. For example, you may need to create and display a Privacy Policy. This menu helps you do that by providing several pre-made privacy pages or allows you to create your own.

Sharing and Privacy Settings

This menu allows you to easily change global settings related to sharing and privacy of your book. This includes the visibility of your book to the public, who can access private content you have made, if you would like to enable or disable comments, and if you would like your book to be included in the Pressbooks Directory.


This menu allows you to chose if you would like to be notified about any export validation logs and allows you to lock your theme in its current version to prevent any changes.


If you plan on using mathematical formulas or graphs using QuickLaTeX coding, this menu offers options to customize how it is displayed in your book.

Akismet Anti-Spam

Because Pressbooks is built using WordPress, it includes the Akismet Anti-Spam service to filter out spam comments. This menu allows you to make customizations to how the filter behaves.

File Settings

Because Pressbooks is built using WordPress, this menu allows you to change how WordPress treats file uploads. In most circumstances, the default settings are appropriate for almost all Pressbooks users.


If you are using the Hypothesis annotation tool in your book, you can configure the settings of the plug-in from this page. To learn more about how to enable Hypothesis and other plugins for your book, please read our chapter on Plugins.



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